Film Token

Democratisation, Decentralisation, Disruption

Film Token is based on a decentralized social network aimed at connecting creative professional and film enthusiasts, with a core focus to help monetize and tokenize film and television content.

Film Token is an innovative Film & Television platform leveraging the potential of emerging fintech solutions, that will continuously create and develop new IP.

Film Token acts as a content accelerator and incubator. Key to the success of the platform is to ensure that it covers the full spectrum of the creative lifecycle process.

Film Token includes an eclectic fusion of iconic properties, with global appeal, that transcend cultural boundaries. Content that inspires, informs, educates and entertains.
Film Token

What is the Film Token?


  • Utility:
    provide holders with access to exclusive immersive experience, Content Ownership and Digital & Physical Collectibles

  • Access (Membership):
    provide holders access to exclusive products, services and experiences for holders.

  • Governance:
    provide holders the ability to participate in a decentralised decision-making process.

  • Rewards:
    loyalty program to reward holders participating on the platform.

  • Payment:
    a medium of exchange, similar to traditional fiat currencies for services offered on the platform.

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    Film Tokens are the base currency of the platform. The Film Token will have a hard-cap of 10 billion tokens, with 25% reserved for rewards.

    Film Token Tokenomics
    Film Token Tokenomics

    The Creative Development Fund

    Development Fund



    Your Access Pass to the World of Film & Television