Frequently Asked Questions

About Film Token

What is Film Token?

The FILM Token is a new utility crypto token that will be created using blockchain technology to support the development of Independent Film & Television projects.

What is an NFT?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique, digital items with blockchain-managed ownership. NFTs can be used to represent any type of real or intangible item, including artwork: virtual items within video games such as skins, virtual currency, weapons, avatars; music; collectibles (e.g., trading cards); video footage of iconic sporting events; event tickets; etc. NFTs uses are virtually limitless. Crucially, NFTs offer a way to monetize digital goods by authenticating their scarcity and provenance.

What kind of NFTs can I find on Film Token?

Producers can create NFTs for their respective projects, whilst providing a number of benefits for holders. The following types of NFT can be created:

  • Collectible
    These NFTs provide unique digital collectibles.

  • Immersive
    These NFTs provide truly immersive experiences such as the ability for you to appear on set, walk the red carpet, be part of the production team or even appear in a film!

  • Royalty
    These NFTs allow you to share in the success of a project and for you to be a part of the revenue waterfall. Note: Disclaimer

  • Social
    These NFTs help you to support a social cause or a not-for-profit making project.

I am a Writer. Is Film Token for me?

Film Token is the platform for all creatives, whether you are a writer, actor, producer or director.

I have an idea for a television series. Can the platform help me?

The platform will include creative networking sessions where you will be able to pitch your ideas to producers and creative executives.

Does Film Token charge a membership fee?

Film Token does not charge a membership fee. A 2.5% fee is applied to every transaction.

Getting Started
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Getting Started

How do I get started on Film Token?

Step 1: Register on the platform
Step 2: Ensure your account contains Film Tokens
Step 3: Browse the Marketplace
Step 4: Purchase the NFTs when they are released
Step 5: The final step: Enjoy your benefits.

How much does the average NFT sell for?

The owner of each individual project is responsible for setting the price for their NFTs. The price may well vary from project to project depending on the type of NFT being offered and the associated benefits.

Are the benefits listed real?

Each Producer has had to go through strict checks prior to being allowed to list their project on the platform. In the event that you have an issue with an NFT purchased and obtaining the listed benefits, please contact our Support Team, using the Contact Us form.

For overseas productions, are expenses covered?

Expenses are typically not covered and you may be responsible for making your own travel arrangements to visit a film set. Each project will have the terms and conditions listed in the

Partnerships & Collaboration

Can I partner with Film Token?

Film Token has been created to bridge creatives who want to work across Film & Television. If you have an idea in terms of how you might be able to add value, then please do reach out to us to in order for us to explore this further.