The Prince of Arabia

The Prince of Arabia

Prince of Persia meets Black Panther

 Middle East, 2023  108 mins
Budget:  20m

A boy from a Bedouin tribe becomes a Prince and saviour of Arabia.

Oil reserves are rapidly depleting. The race is on to find a renewable source of energy from within the desert.

As a team of Arabian scientists edge closer, their plans are hijacked by a rogue team, keen to exploit its potential to power military grade weapons for the US army.

The future of Arabia is at stake. Can a boy from a Bedouin tribe hold the key to saving Arabia?
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  • Turner Fox Productions

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  • Unique Inspiration Media

    Unique Inspiration Media

    United Kingdom

“The Prince of Arabia is an entertaining, captivating, and inspiring project that has scope to become a global franchise.”

“The Middle East’s very own Black Panther.”

Set across a backdrop of modern Arabia, The Prince of Arabia is a franchise that fuses east and west culture and traditions to create a compelling new adventure that will capture the imagination and excitement of film fans globally.

Physical production to begin in the Middle East during 2023.


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The Prince of Arabia NFT
The Prince of Arabia NFT
The Prince of Arabia NFT
The Prince of Arabia NFT
The Prince of Arabia NFT