The Fortune Cookie

Hitch meets Crazy Rich Asians

 Malaysia/Singapore, 2023  108 mins
Budget:  10m

A man and a woman lose their mojo after a chance encounter with a Fortune Cookie.

Steve is a self-obsessed consultant on assignment in South East Asia. His lack of respect for his peers and women coupled with a distinct lack of culture had never been a barrier for success.

Maria is a high-flying career minded doctor, determined to reach the top. She has a business-centric approach to dealing with relationships. Nothing will come in the way of her success.

They embark on separate journeys of self-discovery in a unique love story about two people, destined to be together, but not before they’ve travelled all the way around the world to find each other.
88 Unique NFTs: What's Your Fortune?

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  • Icon Star

    Steve Dexter

    Hollywood A-List Actor

  • Icon Star

    Maria Sharma

    Bollywood Actress

  • Icon Star

    Chairman Li

    Award-Winning Malaysian Actress

  • Icon Star


    British-Nigerian Comedian

  • Icon Star

    Dave Woo

    Korean K-Pop Star

  • Director



  • Turner Fox Productions

    Turner Fox Productions Inc.


  • Unique Inspiration Media

    Unique Inspiration Media

    United Kingdom

“…a charming and unique high-concept romantic comedy. It takes a fun and original premise to tell a character focused story about respecting others, embracing commitment, and other lofty relationship themes…”

An established Hollywood talent will direct The Fortune Cookie.

International, diverse cast that currently have a large dedicated fan base from other entertainment provides additional global distribution opportunities, as well as the possibility of music collaboration.

Set across Malaysia and Singapore – a melting pot of cultures.

Principal photography is expected to commence during Q2 2023 across Malaysia and Singapore.


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The Fortune Cookie NFT
The Fortune Cookie NFT
The Fortune Cookie NFT
The Fortune Cookie NFT
The Fortune Cookie NFT