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Slumdog Millionaire meets The Karate Kid


A young Muslim boxer from New Jersey fights for a spot on the US Olympic team before the public fallout from 9/11 forces him to abandon his American Dream

The story of GODSON is a boxing-drama that draws inspiration and plays with the tropes of the genre. We explore "American Themes" found in films like ROCKY and CREED and contrast them with themes of the "lmmigrant Story" found in films like THE GODFATHER.

About Godson

GODSON is an original IP with franchise potential like Rocky, Creed, and The Karate Kid.

The first film barely scratches the surface of where the story could go.

Gur-lnder Singh is an award-winning writer/director who grew up in Surrey, Canada; a multi-ethnic suburb of Vancouver. A lifelong Speilberg fan, his earliest memories include watching Jurassic Park in theaters with his father. Though he was studying to become a Doctor, he dropped-out to launch an ethno-centric marketing/media company. With contacts made through business, he was able to segue into the world of Bollywood as an Assistant Director.

As a writer, he has written two spec scripts, BEGUM and GODSON, both of which were finalists in script-writing contests (Cinestaan and 1497 respectively). GODSON in particular just won the 2021 AFM Pitch Conference lead by Oscar nominated producer Cassian Elwes. BEGUM is currently being shopped at top production houses in Bollywood. Both scripts would benefit from a Hollywood/Bollywood co-production.

It' s Gur-inder's dream to be part of the first wave of Indian film-makers to successfully write and direct stories for a global audience marrying the likes of Bollywood and Holywood.

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