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About FILM Token

Welcome to the first international film token and NFT market dedicated to independent filmmakers and their fans!

The FILM Token platform is a blockchain based Film NFT marketplace and underlying crypto utility token to be used to help fund the development of low budget independent films.

Parallel to that we built an underlying participative ecosystem, bringing enthusiasts and the creative community closer together.

  • Where big, bold ideas that touch on real people, real communities come to life.
  • The community is composed of Producers, Creatives, Film Fans and Investors
  • Self sustainable Film Fund providing early access finance
  • Token holders get invited to in-person meet-ups and special events
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The Fortune Cookie
Romantic Comedy
Scam Alert
Romantic Comedy
The Prince of Arabia
Action / Fantasy / Adventure

Silent Hunter
Virtually Yours, iNC
Drama / Romance


  •  Invest in what YOU believe in

  •  Diverse Content - Global Appeal

  •  Exclusive Experiences

    •  Visit a Film Set

    •  Join in as an Extra

    •  Become a Producer

    •  See your name in the end credits

    •  Walk the red carpet

Film Token Metaverse

Film Token Ecosystem

The Independent Film Token centers around the tokenization of unique experiences and the monetisation of content in the film development lifecycle.

  • Accelerate the financing of your film from 18 to 3 months
  • Earn reward tokens through interaction and participation on the platform
  • Purchase NFTs of the project you want to see happen


The Film Token Ecosystem


  • Secure access to development finance

  • Accelerate the fundraising timeframe to as little as 3 months

  • Use a blended model to finance your projects

  • Work on recoupment from day 1



  • Make your ideas come to life by securing development funding

  • Connect and engage with global film enthusiasts

  • Expand your global network and open up a world of opportunities

  • Pitch your project ideas to executives


  • Support the projects that YOU believe in

  • Receive project specific rewards

  • Pitch your project ideas to executives

  • Immerse yourself in the world of film making



  • Spread your investment across a pool of projects

  • Balanced risk/reward approach to investing in film projects

  • Simplified recoupment models

  • Transparency across every project


Tokenization of Content

Utility - Community - Tokenization


Become part of the Film Token community and unlock unique rewards through our limited edition, exclusive Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Each Unique NFT Collection is targeted towards a unique community with underlying benefits like no other.

FILM Enthusiasts: The Popcorn Pals

  • 10,000 unique NFTs. Each NFT costs 0.07 ETH.

  • Ownership and commercial usage rights given to the owner for their NFT

  • Exclusive Entrance to the Graffiti Board

  • Exclusive Membership of The Critics Corner

  • Exclusive access to the Screening Room: The Film Token Filmmakers channel

  • Annual rewards for long term hodlers!

  • Token Airdrop to all Holders

  • NFT prize drops to random holders

  • Be first in line with the right to buy Film Tokens during the pre-launch phase

Popcorn Pal NFTs


FILM Fanatics: Exclusive Limited Edition

A Film Token Film Fanatic is an enthusiast who wants to get immersed in the world of film and television. This first ever Film Token offering of limited edition ultra-rare NFTs, sets you apart as a charter Film Token Film Fanatic.

Want to see your name on the end credits? Appear as an extra? Network a film festival? Become an Executive Producer? If the answer is yes to any of these, then these are the NFTs FOR YOU!


Fixed Supply: 10Bn Tokens


Film Token Tokenomics


  • Initial Dex Offering scheduled Q3 2022

  • Limited token offering

  • Access to a worldwide ecosystem

  • NFT Powered Streaming Platform

  • Access to a physical Metaverse

  • International, experienced senior executive team

  • Blockchain powered technology

  • Unique and diverse production slate for launch

  • 5% Sales Tax towards Content Development Fund

  • Exclusive Rewards

FILM Token will be distributed in three phases.

FILM Token Distribution
Film Token Tokenomics

Launching in 2022


Popcorn Movie

Supporting Independent Film & Television Creatives


In creating FILM Token, the founding members bring together truly diverse backgrounds encompassing Information Technology, Film Production, Brand Endorsements and Finance.

They have a extensive global networks with a shared vision to Inspire, Enrich and Entertain through stories that transcend cultural boundaries.

Elizabeth Turner Fox
Elizabeth Turner Fox

…an American film and television producer, is the founder and CEO of Turner Fox Productions, Inc. which specializes in co-productions between Asian and western companies. Elizabeth has lived, studied and worked in China, and has extensive relationships with leading Chinese television and film companies. She co-produced Xpedition China: The Search For Shangrila, an award winning 13 episode U.S.- China television co-production, and has several film projects in development. She has a solid presence and network in Hollywood and has represented leading companies and producers in China.

Asif Bashir

…a forward thinking, logical and innovative IT professional, with extensive commercial experience covering the full development lifecycle, as well as having held a number of Management and C-Level roles. Asif has been involved in content creation for over 20 years. He was the visionary and founder of a community focused Internet Start-up in the dot-com era and successfully led the company to an IPO, listing on the Alternative Investment Market in London. At Unique Inspiration, he set up a new media division to develop iconic properties, that aim to inspire, enrich and entertain through creativity.

Dan Thorens
Dan Thorens

…has been in the film industry for over 20 years. From multicultural Narrative Fiction Thrillers, Dramedies and Art house stories to Documentary Worlds, Dan adds value through ingenious storytelling in diverse genres and getting performances out of Actors, both in English and French. Working across the US and Europe has made him adaptable to any circumstance. Filmmaking is a human experience first and foremost. with always the aim to have an impact on making this world a better place. He's worked with : Jean-Luc Godard, Alain Bonnot in feature films, interviewed NY Broadway celebrities for Red Carpet Pictures, Pulitzer prize winners and NGOs.

Dr. Yufu Cheng

…is the China Director for both the Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation and Arnold Schwarzenegger's R20. He also is working with celebrity brands such as Trisha Yearwood, Gisele and Dwayne Johnson (The Rock). He has built extensive working relationships throughout Hollywood and the music world, as well as in Asia.

John Curson

…is a partner of Mandarin Hill Capital, John previously headed the cross-border M&A advisory business of SIFT Capital U.S. and collaborated with Mandarin Hill Capital and some of its founders until the formal migration of SIFT Capital's advisory business into Mandarin Hill Capital in December 2015. John is a senior business executive in Silicon Valley with more than thirty years of experience as a public company CFO, responsible for the formation, financings, growth and IPOs of multiple life sciences and high-tech companies. He is also highly experienced in mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, financial operations, ESOPs, spin-offs, recapitalization and restructuring.

Elizabeth Turner Fox
Asif Bashir
Dan Thorens
Dr. Yufu Cheng
John Curson


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